The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

“It’s time to stop living,
in the land of the dead,
and make everything right,
with the living instead.

All you have is your own mind,
and it needs to be clean,
for it to shine.

Those ghosts never did,
anything for you,
except lead you to them,
with all their words,
so untrue.

Addiction is the pathway,
to your own disaster.
If you drink or use,
you descend much faster,
to depths,
you’d never think you’d go,
and the trick,
of The Devil’s Illusion,
is it happens slow.
Sometimes so slow,
it’s very hard to detect.
So now open your eyes,
to what all you neglect.

Your family and friends,
left brokenhearted by your sin.
They miss the vibrant,
spark of your youth,
that you drink and use,
to push it down,
as you run and hide from the truth.

You don’t have to let the Devil win!
There is a way out,
as there was a way in.
So read The First Step,
and let the journey begin!”